How to View and Export Your Agency's Statistics

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Heads up! This article is intended for Agency Managers. If you're a Site Managerclick here.

Do you want to see how your agency is performing? You can always check your Agency's stats in the Stats area of your dashboard to see: 

  • How many responses your volunteer Needs have
  • How many volunteer hours have been submitted to your Needs
  • How many Agency Fans and Profile Page views your agency has received

Want to export your responses and hours for review and reporting? You can from the Stats area of your dashboard! Here we cover: 

How to access your Agency's stats

To get started: 

1. Go to My Agency

  • If you manage more than one Agency, click My Agencies and select your Agency from the dropdown. 

2. Click Stats

  • From here, you can select to review your Responses, Hours, or More tabs. 

So you know: The default date setting when you navigate to your Stats is the past month. You can always change the date range you wish to review. 

The different tabs on the Stats page

The three tabs on the Stats page help you track your Agency's stats: 


Here you can see who has submitted a response to which volunteer Need and when! This also shows you when the shift begins for that Need and the number of hours the volunteer has submitted to it. 

✏️ Quick tip: Want to see who signed up but didn't show up? An easy way to do this is to hide responses that have hours entries. That way you can see who responded (aka "signed up") but didn't enter volunteer hours. This could mean they just forgot or, they could have signed up without volunteering! 


Here you can see more details about the hours submitted to your volunteer Needs. This shows you their status, who submitted them, the Need title, and when the date the Need occurred. 


Here you can see how many Agency fans and Agency profile page views you've received.

So you know: The totals include both logged-in users and visitors for the date range you specify. Repeat views count as separate views. 

How to filter and export your Agency's stats

Now that you're in the Stats area of your dashboard, you can filter and export your Agency's stats for review and reporting. 

How to filter your stats

On the Responses and Hours tabs, you can filter the table to see the data you need. Just click the Table Filter and check or uncheck the columns you want displayed. 

How to export your stats

When you're ready to export your stats to a CSV file, just click the Export button on the tab you need. 

Heads up! The Need Response Export is emailed to you when it's ready to download while the Hours Export automatically downloads to a CSV. 

What's in the export?

ExportWhat's Included
Need Responses Export
  • Response ID and date
  • Need title 
  • Shift ID, start and end date and time, and duration if it's a shift Need
  • Volunteer's first and last name, email, phone, company, and address
  • Any notes the volunteer provided when they responded to the Need
  • Team name and leader if part of a team response
  • Answers to any additional questions that a Site Manager added
So you know: Site Managers can add custom questions for all Needs on the site and for all Needs within certain initiatives
Hours Export
  • Date the volunteer worked
    • This isn't the date the hours were submitted
  • Need title 
  • Hours volunteered
  • Miles traveled—if submitted
  • Answers to any hours submission questions that a Site Manager added
  • A description of the hours—if submitted
  • Check-in and Check-out times—if volunteer check-in was used
  • The source of the hours—if they weren't manually entered by the volunteer
    • For example, if the hours were applied automatically through volunteer check-in
  • The status of the hours
  • The volunteer's first and last name, and email 
  • The volunteer's team—if they signed up with a team
So you know: If a team leader entered default hours on behalf of a team member, then this appears in the Description column.